Health and Disease Information

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National Medical Library. Information and referral to numerous heath disease related issues.
  Access the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Perhaps the largest collection of medical information available anywhere.
American Geriatric Society
Trustworthy and practical health care information available to the public at no charge.
  Get Your Medical Records
Peoplechart helps you collect, organize and securely distribute copies of your medical records, anytime and anywhere.
Vision Issues for Elders
Learn about the many issues affecting the eyes and vision in the elderly.
  Clinical Trials
Learn about the newest treatments for diseases. If standard treatments are not effective, maybe a trial treatment will help.
National MS Society
Information packed site for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
  Mayo Clinic
Wide range of information on all aspects of health and medical issues
Worldwide Dementia Information
Learn about dementia issues and support all over the world.
  Family Health History
An on-line guide from the Department of Health and Human Services to build a health history of your family.
The Complete Guide to Understanding Cancer
Even though cancer is a widespread disease, each individual who suffers from cancer is uniquely affected. Family and friends of loved ones who are fighting cancer are often confused and worried. It can be difficult to cope with a diagnosis of cancer.
  Osteoporosis and Bone Health
Learn more about the disease that effects 800,000 men and astonishingly, 4,500,000 women in the United States alone.
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