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Drug Interaction Checker
Check out drugs and look for potential interactions
  Needy Meds
A place to learn about patient assistance programs and other plans to assist those who can not afford their medications.
Medication Assistance Programs
Find out if you can qualify and get the answers and assistance you need to make applications for assistance programs.
  Drug Identifier
Identify a pill or tablet by its shape, color and size
Vacination Schedule
Learn what immunizations you should have as well as when and how often.
  Consulting Pharmacists
Find a specialist in your area to help guide you throught the complicated issues surrounding medications.
Health A to Z
Check both drug to drug and drug to food interactions.
  Medication Consultation
Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacists at Medisort perform medication reviews to prevent and resolve medication-related issues. They use state-of-the-art clinical software that covers geriatric problems including inappropriate medications and memory impairment.
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