Privacy Statement
ElderIssues, LLC Commitment to Privacy Protection

Elder caregiving for families caring for seniors is committed to improving care for elderly people. This abbreviated statement is designed to explain the key elements of our privacy practices.

Personally Identifiable Information
We will not share your personally identifiable information internally or with a third party unless you instruct us to do so. For the purpose of our policy, personally identifiable information includes your name, address, email address, phone number, fax number, credit card information, and ElderIssues, LLC account number. ElderIssues, LLC employees do not have access to this information unless you decide to share it with them.

Sharing Information With Third Parties
Below are two ways in which you could instruct us to share your information.

Access Control System:
With the access control system, you can give access to your personal data to anyone for any period of time. It is your responsibility to give it to only those people you trust.

Security Technology and Procedures
ElderIssues, LLC uses state-of-the-art security technology and procedures to protect the private information of our members. Specifically, any credit card transactions are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Personally identifiable information is stored in our secure data facility. ElderIssues, LLC employees do not have access to personally identifiable information unless you provide your explicit permission.

Cookies are files stored on your computer's hard drive that contain information about your session on a web site. ElderIssues, LLC will only use temporary session cookies to track whether or not you are logged in while you are visiting the site if you request one.

Your Role in Protecting Your Privacy
Your privacy is important, and we will respect it. Below are some things you can do to help protect your privacy.
Always click the log-out button when leaving our site. This is especially important if you use a shared or public computer.
Do not share your login information or password with anyone.
Before you give personal information to any web site, read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

Contacting ElderIssues, LLC About Privacy
If you have any questions about the confidentiality of the information you provide to the ElderIssues, LLC site, please contact us

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